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Welcome to North Dakota Racing Commission. We are an organization and website that is all about horse racing.

Horse racing has been a favorite for sports betters for quite a while. It had actually existed way back from the English across the pond. By 1868, it had become a large organized enterprise. However, when the 1900s came about, it was deemed illegal.

The legalization of sports betting in the United States is on the horizon though. The general sports ban was established in 1992 for all sports in most states. This includes horse racing. Since then though, have been taken for its legalization.

Throughout the years, people’s attitudes about sports betting was becoming more positive. Fewer people were having issues with it. As of May 2018, the supreme court ruled that the ban established in 1992 was violating the rights of the states.

Now, in certain states, sports betting is legal again. More states have begun penning their bids for legalized sports betting as well.

One such that people can bet on is horse racing. Apart from regulating and casting the racing in North Dakota, at heart our team members are all horse racing enthusiasts.

In this website, we have the essential information for horse racing in North Dakota. We also write articles on a wide number of topics in horse racing.