3 of the Best Race Horses in History

As stated previously, horseracing is a prestigious sport that has been in the United States for many years. People have enjoyed watching and betting on these races.

Like in any competitive sport, if people watch it long enough, they’ll see something amazing. Throughout these years, there have been some horses that have differentiated themselves from the other racehorses with their prowess on the track.

Here are three of the best race horses in history. These horses were considered due to their win rates and other details as well.


Seabiscuit Horse on number four
American Classic Pedigrees

Seabiscuit may be one of the most famous horses due to the eponymous film that came out in 2003. Movies are only made for the greats and those that should be known. Seabiscuit was one of those.

In 1937, Seabiscuit was the leading money winner in the sport of horseracing. However, it wasn’t his winning record that made him great. Instead, it was its fortitude in trying times and a David and Goliath match to ring out through the ages.

Seabiscuit was not a large horse. Due to this though, he had always been an underdog and garnered a following. In 1938, a big race was set between the underdog Seabiscuit and War Admiral, the typical thoroughbred that made winning a habit.

War Admiral came from Man O’War, who has a spot as one of the best horses in history. We’ll talk more about him soon.

In any case, the race saw Seabiscuit capture the imagination of the public, beat the odds, and ultimately show that size doesn’t matter. The size of the fight in the competitor is all it is.

Man O’War

Man O’War Horse on the farm
America’s Best Racing

With a name like Man O’War, it seemed like this horse was destined for greatness.

When this horse ran in races against other horses, it was purposefully handicapped so that they could consider it a fair race. He was that fast!

Out of the 21 races that he ran, this majestic animal won 1st place in 20 of them. The other race he came in second due to a great handicap given him.

The more mind-boggling thing is that we’ll never know how great Man O’War really was. He never ran to his full potential and always slowed down.


Secretariat Racing Horse
The Cool Dude Horse Racing

His name is synonymous to the greatest of all time. Despite Secretariat’s career being only 16 months long, if people had bet on him through all these races, they would have amassed more than a million dollars.

He just kept winning. In his era, it was clear he was a superior horse. He is just the best.

These are only a few of the best race horses in history. We are sure that while horseracing continues, that legends will rise again. Keep watching and betting on these races. You can do so easily by utilizing horserace betting sites.

We at ND Racing Commission are eager to see what new race horse legends emerge.

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