3 Horse Racing Betting Sites You Should Use

Horse racing is a sport that has stood the test of time. It has always been popular in the United States, and the one thing that carried forth throughout history is the betting. It is probably one of the biggest reasons why horse racing is still quite a big thing.

While there are many ways on how to bet on horse races, like most of the things in this day and age, the internet just makes things easier.

With that said, the ND Racing Commission team would like to present three of the best horse race betting sites this year.


10bet online Betting Website

10Bet is a betting site that was founded almost 20 years ago. Betters and players are numerous and come from as many as 90 countries. With the number of people coming to this site, 10Bet is quickly becoming the leading online sports bookmaking site.

They offer betting for horse racing as well as other various sports too. The high bet limit reaches EUR 100,000. The site also has various payment methods and most importantly, fast payouts.

For horseracing, the site outlines the next three races that you can bet on. The deposit bonus is as much as 50% and up to $100.

Betway Sports

Betway Casino Betting Website
Betway Casino

Betway Sports is quite an interesting online betting site. It plays host to a wide variety of online games that you can bet on.

The first deposit on the site nets you a 100% match bonus up to £250. The second deposit yields a quarter of the same. And for the third deposit, you will receive a 50% match bonus up to £500.


888 Sports Beeting Website
888 Sports

The final site is 888sport. This betting site is one of the biggest trusted betting sites. Betting is open 24 hours a day and there are numerous markets available for you to bet in.

Also available for you are the options of in-play and cash-out features. You can also choose to use the Best Odds Guaranteed option for all UK and Irish racing.

There are a great number of other betting sites available out there for you to utilize. At the end of the day, we just hope that you enjoy the experience of betting on horse races and that you do so responsibly. We do hope you find a betting site that fits you. Happy betting.

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